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Expanding Team

We are delighted to have our dental team grow with the addition of Dr. Fanny Ip in June 2013.  Dr. Ip is a graduate of McGill University's Faculty of Dentistry and trained under fellow dental associate Dr. Kelly Sam Chu. Dr. Sam Chu highly recommended Dr. Ip to us for her dental skills and her warm and genuine caring for her patients.  Dr. Fanny Ip has seamlessly integrated into our team and is planning a full-time schedule to complement Dr Hunter. Currently she is at the practice every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

For a complete biography of Dr. Ip click here!

To book an appointment with Dr. Ip, please request an appointment online, call us at 905-294-3444 or email us at


New Technologies

JVA/JT: We are excited to offer a computerized 3-D jaw analysis system to our patients to diagnose Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) and muscle soreness.  The BioPAK system, as it is called, includes a Joint Vibrational Analysis (JVA) and Jaw Tracker (JT 3-D).  All new patients will benefit from initial jaw check-ups with JVA Quick to provide base-line measurements. Future analysis will record incremental changes over time. For every patient with jaw pain or discomfort of any kind, a full JVA/JT assessment, complemented with a thorough exam of the head and neck, will provide a clearer picture, often without the need of an MRI. 

Dr. Hunter can then provide specific treatment options to decrease discomfort and stabilize the joint to prevent progression of disease. 

To view an explanatory video on JVA, please click here.


Hygiene Program Advancements

Our hygiene program has enhanced their services to reflect current scientific advancements in regard to prevention of cavities.  Dental caries (cavities) remain the most common threat to early childhood oral health. However, it is not just children who are at risk. Many adults also face higher risk due to medical health issues, dietary habits, and side effects from common medications. We now are able to identify individuals at higher risk levels before cavities develop.

Some of our additional services include preventive sealants, fluoride treatments, prescription-strength toothpaste and mouth rinses, desensitization treatments, and more hands-on oral hygiene instruction. We will also provide you with any oral hygiene tools that we demonstrate to you during your appointment.  

KOR Whitening: We are happy to offer a new customized deep bleaching system - KOR Whitening. The custom trays are made by the KOR laboratory in California, and they provide an unquestionable seal to maximize bleaching gel effectiveness. The professional grade refrigerated gel consists of both at-home and in-office bleaching which consistently yields excellent results. KOR stands behind its system and your results. We are one of only a few offices in the Markham-Unionville area presently using KOR.

Intra Oral Cameras: Improved intra-oral cameras have been installed in the hygienist's operatories. The cameras allow us to show you what we see - to enhance patient-hygienist communication.

CariVu transilluminescence: This summer we will be adding the technology of transilluminescence to our diagnostic tool belt. The CariVu is an effective, easy-to-use cavity detection device. It uses safe, near-infra-red light, and allows the clinician to see through the tooth. Any lesions or cracks in the tooth trap and absorb the light and will appear as dark areas. Healthy enamel and tooth structure will appear transparent. This technology is highly accurate and helps your dental professional diagnose any areas of concern quickly so that preventive treatment can be recommended. To watch the educational videos on this exciting new technology CariVu transilluminesence, please click here.

Finally, our hygienists are now providing quantitative periodontal (gum disease) risk assessments which helps predict your susceptibility to future support tissue breakdown around your teeth. This assessment is based on genetic makeup, the patient’s immune response, environmental factors, patent’s habits, medical illness, stress levels, and virulence of bacteria. Evidence-based assessment allows us to categorize patients as mild, moderate or high risk. Each category determines prognosis and treatment required. For example, a low-risk patient may only require two routine hygiene appointments a year whereas a high-risk patient may need more frequent cleanings, life style changes, local or systemic antibiotic therapy and/or surgical intervention in a proactive manner.


Practice Renovations

In 2009 Hunter Dental Practice marked our 50th year serving the Markham area! To celebrate this we fully restored the exterior of our building. Also in July 2015, three of our operatories will be getting new units to improve ergonomics and patient comfort.  We now have access to the United Church parking lot for your added convenience.





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