New and Prospective Patients

We firmly believe it is important to understand any breakdown occurring inside the mouth, the causes behind it, and the options available to restore health.

For our new adult patients, we therefore prefer to perform what we call a comprehensive oral exam. Digital oral photos, necessary radiographs and a recording of baseline data give us an insight into your present oral health. All of this data can be referenced to measure specific changes over time and help us to make future clinical decisions.


What should I expect on my first visit?

1. If your first visit with us is a complete oral exam (COE):

The COE will last 90 minutes. The first 30 minutes will be spent with the treatment coordinator, who will take digital photos of your mouth and digital x-rays. During the last 90 minutes Dr. Hunter will review your photos and x-rays and record specific data, as mentioned above, pertaining to your teeth, gum tissue, jaw joint and muscles, and bite. He will note cosmetic changes you may be interested in and perform your oral cancer screen.

2. If your first visit is a hygiene appointment with us:

You will have your teeth professionally cleaned, gum pockets measured and standard diagnostic x-rays taken if needed. After introductions, Dr. Hunter, Dr. Sam Chu, or Dr. Ip will perform a cursory examination. If a comprehensive exam would benefit the patient, arrangements will be made to schedule a future appointment.

3. If your first visit is an emergency:

Our goal is to attend to your immediate problem and make you comfortable as quickly as possible. After this, we prefer to schedule a comprehensive and/or hygiene visit to address any additional dental needs.


What if I recently took x-rays at my previous dental office?

Once at our office, you can sign a release form that allows your previous office to email or mail us any current and up-to-date x-rays.


Please feel free to browse through our website to gain a better understanding of our practice. If you have any questions, or if you would like to book your first appointment, please call us at 905-294-3444 or email us at





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