Disinfection and Sterilization Protocols

Hunter Dental Infection Control Procedures strive to adhere to best practice guidelines as outlined by Public Health Ontario, the RCDSO and CDHO.

Our staff are educated on the most up to date guidelines for infection prevention and control.

Following every appointment single-use items, including headrest covers, tray covers, and suction tips, are disposed of and all surfaces are wiped down with Optim 33TB. Optim 33TB is accelerated hydrogen peroxide, a one-minute surface cleaner and intermediate level disinfectant. It is classified as a Tuberculocide, Viricide and Bactericide.

Instruments are first put through an ultrasonic washer (hydrim) which breaks down any surface debris. The instrument cassettes are then rinsed and a monitor (chemical indicator) is placed in each cassette. After wrapping the cassettes, they are placed inside an autoclave. The monitor (chemical) strips change colour if the autoclave has reached the desired temperature and pressure for the appropriate time period. In this way, we are confident that the autoclave is functioning properly for every load put through.

Our office uses three sterilizers to ensure we always have backup. And to further ensure our patients’ safety, all of them are tested daily with self-contained biological indicators (also called spore testing). This happens with the first load every day, and at the end of the cycle the test vial is incubated to determine bacterial growth. We start everyday by running a biological indicator test on each of our sterilizers. After the test run, we incubate the biological indicator to ensure all the spores in the biological indicator have been rendered inactive. We use a one hour spore test which is the most sophisticated on the market. This means that after only one hour of incubation, and no spore growth; our instruments can be released knowing they are safe.

Only after we are sure of a successful cycle, do we release the instruments from that sterilization load for use.

All sterile instruments remain in their sterile packaging until you are in the dental chair for treatment.

If you need any further information or would like to see our stericentre, please just ask!





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